Sunday, May 17, 2009

Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Happy Sunday!

I biked around Santa Cruz yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours. Here's two minutes of my ride down West Cliff Drive and past the Boardwalk. Temperatures were in the 90s on Saturday, making for a very busy day at the beaches and the Boardwalk.

In this video I'm mostly riding in a two way bike-only sidepath adjacent to a one way street. How many bikes do you count in this video? How many cars and trucks do I pass?


  1. More bicyclists than on a week day!

    About as many pedestrians in the contra-flow lane as usual. At least no delivery trucks.

    Some time record the ride over the trestle and up the ramp. That should look grand!

  2. 13 bikes passing by and a Fritz rolling through a stop sign.

  3. How did you mount the camera for the front of the bike?

    Here is my video on the back of the bike:

  4. @Jerry: Are you talking about that stop sign in front of the Boardwalk? That's for the car traffic. On the sidepath there's a big YIELD painted on the pavement.

    @Hayduke: Yeah, the bike path as overflow pedestrian space and the vehicle unloading zone.

    @Andy: "How not to ride" -- I like that :-) The camera is mounted on the drop portion of the the handlebar. Did you really unicycle to Mt Hamilton??

  5. On the video it looks like the it is further, since I can clearly see the break levers. Can you take a photo of the contraption?

  6. Love your video! That's my commute ride for the most part. AND Yes, Do please video the train trestle part over to East Cliff.

  7. Hi Andy, it's a very wide angle view (170° I think) so that distorts your perception. I posted photo here of where the camera was mounted.

  8. Here is my solution:

    Now I have to figure out how to mount it on the handle bar or maybe on the front fork.