Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mercedes Benz $9,000 limited edition road racer bicycle

Mercedes Benz has dipped their toe selling bicycles before, including limited edition road bikes. For 2009, Mercedes Benz announced a €6,553 (about US$9,000) limited edition road racer bicycle. Only 100 bicycles will be sold world wide.

The carbon fiber bikes, which will reportedly be available at Mercedes Benz dealerships, are built up with SRAM Red components and DT Mon Chasseral wheels.

More at Bike Europe.


  1. ...undoubtedly, just another generic c-fib frame done up in "mercedes" livery...

    ...when yer only doing 100 frames up, ya don't pay $50,000 to have a mold carved out...& the bike europe article didn't mention anything about 'custom tailored' frames...

  2. Gosh, I'd get one except I'm sure they wouldn't make one to fit me :P