Friday, May 1, 2009

Kona Tanuki

Kona bikes needs your help naming one of their bikes for 2010. They're down to the final two names: Tanuki and Cadabra. May pal Dennis submitted the name Tanuki which I kind of like because I'm half Japanese and I like Tanuki Udon, which is Japanese noodles made with Japanese raccoon meat that comes in a green styrofoam bowl.

Vote here if you're so inclined, and thank you.


  1. Tanuki - well endowed racoon.

  2. Fat Cyclist is endorsing Cadabra because the woman who submitted that name is a cancer doctor. If she wins she's going to donate the bike to Fatty for a raffle with the proceeds going to LiveStrong.

  3. I don't know if you're joking, and there are many versions of Tanuki Udon depending on where you are in Japan, but the most popular Tanuki Udon has Tenkasu (little bits of Tempura) on top of the noodles. I do like the sound of Kona Tanuki though.

  4. @mumbreeze -- it's a joke :-) For the "green bowl" I was referring to Maruchan's Midori no Tanuki soba, which isn't udon but close enough.

    @Weiland -- I missed Fat Cyclist's endorsement of Cadabra.

    @-P -- indeed.

  5. Fat Cyclist's cause is very worthy, but Cadabra reminds me of that ear worm "Abracadabra" by Steve Miller. And I tend to see an unfortunate number of dead raccoons when I ride, so I'm going with Tanuki.