Friday, October 3, 2008

Anti Dooring: Information for cyclists and motorists

Anti-Dooring has information and PDF downloads (for stickers) about dooring for cyclists and bicyclists.

I was chatting with the bus driver about this a couple of weeks ago. He told me they call it "catching a door" and that's a point of pride for some drivers. One guy he knows has a door decal on his coffee mug for each door he's "caught" with a bus., via Chico Gino.


  1. Howdy--

    That's an excellent anecdote about the bus driver, and it's something that should be included in every discussion about cyclists getting doored.

    Usually, I think when people hear about the problem, it just reinforces their idea that bicycles are incompatible with cars, that we come out of nowhere. Many drivers refuse to accept that they should see cyclists in the door zone.

    The idea that bus drivers are amused by door removal due to this willful obliviousness should help to alert people to their rearview responsibilities as they exit their cars.
    Happy Trails,

  2. In other words, it's in the best interests of motorists to check back before opening that door because something BIG might be right there.