Friday, October 10, 2008

Bicycle & Economy followup

Ron at the Cozy Beehive has a followup on the discussion about bikes and the economy. Go join the discussion.

I had a weird 12 hour stomach bug and called in sick yesterday morning, but by noon I was feeling fine. It's a beautiful autumn day so I spent several hours just riding my fixed gear bike around Santa Cruz. There were hundreds of surfers in the water; I saw Ethan headed to the hook along East Cliff Drive with his surfboard on his cruiser bicycle. He was going to "The Hook" where 41st Street deadends at the Pacific Ocean in Capitola.

Surfboard rack

At the Santa Cruz Harbor I caught up to Laurie Schmidtke commuting home from Cabrillo College on his Trek 5.9, Rocket 7 shoes, and Chrome bag. Much respect to this gentleman who used to race in the early 70s.

Laurie Schmidtke

The California Pacific Coast is a popular bike touring route. Whenever I go into Santa Cruz I always see a few touring cyclists. I saw at least four different groups of touring bikes yesterday.

Touring cyclists in Santa Cruz

I was cycling down Pacific Avenue and saw these two cyclists examining a map, looking at street signs and looking very lost. Say hello to Jason and Mishka of Oregon. They're touring from Oregon and on their way to San Luis Obispo. I led them to Soquel Drive so they could continue on their journey after snapping this photo.

Jason and Mishka touring in Santa Cruz, California

Have a good weekend, all! I know some of you in the mountain states got snowed on this week, and others are stuck with rain and cold. For some sunshine and bikes, you can view all of yesterday's photos in my Santa Cruz Flickr set.

Bikes are fun at Cyclelicious!


  1. Ohhh! Soquel. That place has awesome honey. What a nice post, my brother lives in Santa Cruz and makes me wanna go bomb some hills and trails with him.
    Cool post, made me smile <3 happy weekend
    xo/ m

  2. Why do those touring cyclists have so much stuff on the front of their bikes? Is it an attempt to try and even out the weight I wonder? I think that's probably a bit unnecessary. To each his own!

  3. Darren, from what I understand putting the weight up front gives you better handling.