Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Santa Rosa bicycle boulevard

Santa Rosa California bicycle boulevard The city of Santa Rosa, California plans to convert Humboldt Street between Lewis Road and College Avenue into a "Bicycle Boulevard" to reduce speeding and cut through traffic, improve safety for all of the street users, and specifically increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Humboldt Street was first identified as a potential bicycle route by the city Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board in 2001. Since then, residents along the street have asked for traffic calming measures and the city has lowered the speed limit and added stop signs to discourage cut through traffic on this collector street.

A pilot project is planned for Spring 2009, with permanent changes planned for later if the pilot works out and funding can be obtained. The city plans to install "Bikes May Use Full Lane" signs, traffic circles and advanced stop lines for bicyclists (aka "Bike Boxes").

Other traffic calming features include several traffic circles, colored crosswalks and bulb outs.

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  1. ...good on santa rosa...despite some decently wide streets in that town, the attitude up that way isn't really bicycle friendly...

    ...while there are huge numbers of cyclist's throughout the area, there is still a lotta big wheel truck/ cowboy attitude prevalent...

    ...step in the right direction & hopefully 'the boulevard' along w/ some community cycling awareness programs might help bring things along...

    ...whoa !!! "word verification" letters for this particular post form a new word, 'warblem'...isn't that what we've ben dealing w/ during the "bushco administration" years ??? iraqi warblem ???...

    ...just sayin'...

  2. "warblem" -- is that like emblematic of war?

    I've never been in Santa Rosa, I'll need to cycle up that way sometime.

  3. well fritz sounds like you need a trip up to Le Tournesol sometime. The pomegranates and persimmons are ripe now. The riding up there - fantastico...

  4. Sweet, a report on my home town :D

    I've instrumentally been a part of the Humboldt Bike Blvd for the past year pushing as much as we can to make it happen. Things are slow going though and the city council is rather conservative. There's a lot of potential to Santa Rosa for many things but no one in city government is willing to take a risk! Just look at this project, EIGHT years from approval to initial testing!