Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Monday

It turns out I didn't need to work over the weekend; the code change we tried was a completely disastrous failure, which means there was nothing for me to test. Release date is in six weeks, so we'll need to eliminate this important feature we were trying to fix.

It's Just a Ride has a fun collection of links for your Monday.

Check out this cool, flat proof tire in South Africa. Photo by Johann in South Africa.

This looks like an interesting conversation: "I actually think a "bicycle studies" interdisciplinary degree could be structured in such a way as to be a FANTASTIC program."

Jim Langley has a collection of over 600 bicycle headbadges.

"By my count, there are currently 22 shift / brake lever options currently on the market for your drop bar bike."

Carlton on goofy anti-cyclist bias in the media.

Warren shoots video of 11 motorists completely blowing through a red light. If motorists want the right to use our public roads, they should be expected to follow the rules of the road! They're all Hypocrites! Scofflaws! I think they should pay to use the roads, too!


  1. Looks like a great snow and ice tire for Fargo winters :-)
    Thanks for the link.

  2. ...those tires would break you of the old habit of reaching down & wiping off your tubulars after running through glass... langley is an extremely knowledgeable cyclist, a very serious cyclist & because he's such a nice human being, i feel privileged that i get to call him an old friend...

    ...& fritz...your comments both here & on warren's site regarding his traffic video, while humorous, are right on the money...