Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finding worst of cycling images

Carlton, editor of Bike For All, is hunting for horrible images of the worst of cycling in cycling promotion literature. If you know of published literature or an "official" website that promotes cycling by showing the worst of cycling -- incorrectly worn helmets, obviously bad bike fit, obviously bad bike clothing, cyclists breaking traffic laws and so forth -- get in touch with Carlton. He needs the information PDQ, he says (he's British), so the sooner the better.


  1. What in the universe would qualify as "obviously bad bike clothing?" other than public nudity, of course...

  2. I'm thinking of those silly lycra shorts that look a little like bike shorts but they're really not. It's like a shibboleth among bike snobs like me.

  3. I immediately recalled an advert for a saddle which was sort of flesh-colored and looked as if it were an appendage extending from the cyclist. Yea, that appendage.

    I suspect there are myriad images of people on bikes who don't actually ride them, and therefore are improperly geared in one respect or another.

  4. Ha ha, a backwards helmet over a baseball hat nonetheless. That's a good one.

    I won't mention specifics, but I've seen a municipality's bike literature featuring a girl with extremely flared pants on a bike. No, the pants weren't rolled up or velcroed down either.