Monday, October 6, 2008

Caltrain hits truck in Burlingame

Southbound Baby Bullet train number 312 struck a big rig near the Broadway station in Burlingame this morning, delaying up to 15,000 commuters as Caltrain singletracked around the mess.

Train hits truck

The tail of the big rig was reportedly hanging over the tracks when the express train screamed through the intersection. Witnesses say the gate crossing and signals were all working when the idiot truck driver, who suffered minor injuries, tried to beat the train through the crossing.

Photo by "AlienVenom".


  1. I was on the 312 train. There was a small thump and then all the lights went out and the train rolled to a stop. #&*(*@ We were told the train had "hit a truck". Then we were told the delay would be indefinite and we could get out and look for alternate transportation.

    I had boarded in Millbrae so I walked up to ECR, waited for a bus, and bussed back to Millbrae where I just missed a southbound train going through (the 7:32??). Then, unsure about trying to catch another train and not knowing what the delays would be, I drove home and worked from home for three hours.

    I finally completed my trip to work (in SUnnyvale) at noon. Ugh.

    What I fail to understand is how we have this sort of accident so often. How is it that some people are so blindingly stupid?

  2. Thanks for leaving your comment Vicki, and sorry about the headaches.

    The train hits and truck and it's a "small thump": I think that's pretty amazing.

    295 Bus has his idea to prevent this sort of thing. I don't know if it would fly or not.