Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More urban fixie video fun

Who said they'd scream if they saw another self-absorbed fixie hipster video? I'm happy to oblige you.

Empire from Empire on Vimeo.

I think the tilt shift "fake miniature" photography at the beginning looks pretty cool. For pure ballsiness I like Lucas Brunelle's work a lot better.


  1. I enjoyed it. Skills are skills. Our urban jungles need diversity not more cars. Be careful but ride on.

  2. doubt it very much, I'd say they're fake-ass poseur wannabe bike messengers, this is really fcking lame. this sht is all over the place, in no way original and likely not genuine.

    I have been a messenger for 6 years, if I happened to be driving a car when one of these fools pulled this type of sht on me I would just fcking hit them, I swear. idiots.


  3. These guys are cutting off cars and pedestrians like assholes. A prime example of why the rift between cyclists, pedestrians and cars exists. Great for them that they can do a wheelie (which I was doing at age 6), but in the process they're rapidly undoing the hard work of cycling-advocates in the process. Being a selfish asshole isn't any cooler when you're on a bike.

  4. oh god....i can't even imagine riding like this, no car would tolerate it. cars barely tolerate me when i get in the left lane to make a turn. or when there's a single lane and i have to make a left turn. these are the jerks that fly past me when i actually stop and look both ways at intersections, they make all cyclists look like jerks :/ it looks cool, but i dont think it promotes healthy cycling. those riders actually make me a little angry. they're like skateboarders, but in the middle of the street!

    and yes i ride a singlespeed/fixedgear track bike. because it's simple and quiet and i like the idea that i can fix it if it breaks. and the handling is good for a little girlie like me.

  5. you dont want cyclists to be stereotyped, yet you stereotype skateboarders... nice.

  6. so i didn't see one person get hurt or complain This type of riding is hella fun and iv'e gotten more smiles and laughs from people then middle fingers so stop hating and a wheelie on you bike when you where six... i hope so now go build a fix and i'd bet you'd die befor you got as good as those guys... people stop hating it is a art it is fun and their isn't anything wrong with skate boarders Peace And Love Lets RIDE!!!

    down town Tucson AZ
    coyote riders
    U of A