Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Xtracycle open source longtail standard now online

Xtracycle is using Media Wiki software for their open source long tail standard. The Long Tail frame standard and dimensions are now available as PDF downloads, with a design checklist document also available. There's also room for discussion on product ideas, with a reminder that "while Xtracycle isn't here to steal your ideas, anything you put on here is now open-source and as such is available for everyone to use freely."

Cool stuff -- go check it out.


  1. i mentioned over at 'commute by bike', that is an open, intelligent & progressive idea, in that it allows various companies to be on the same page in a way that can only benefit the cycling community...

    ...props to xtracycle...& to the folks who regularly use 'work' or 'truck' bikes...

    ...while most of us ride whenever we can, i feel like these folks shoulder a little more of the burden...

  2. we're not shouldering, merely having fun trying out the swell of the wave, come and hang ten!