Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Random bicycle tweetage

As seen on Twitter this morning...

    I just wached a man run over a pigeon on his bicycle. It flapped to death.

    oh no... be afraid... a zombie on a bicycle!!

    Funny Video - Girl Hits Head on Pole While Riding Bicycle

    my discovery that cable ties on a bicycle helmet deters magpies. Genius!

    Nothing quite like imagining one riding a bicycle listening to La Grange ...

    Schöne Omage an Bicycle Messengers

    Austin wheel factory destroyed in fire

    That's right Obama. We can't drive our way out of this environmental, economic, problem. Get on a bicycle.

    Tip for today: If your bicycle feels like it's going uphill even when you're on the flat, try pumping up your tires.

    Almost got hit by a motorcycle. It's a bicycle lane not a motorcycle lane. Whatta jerk.


  1. cool.

    checking twitter for bicycle related stuff.

  2. I wanna punch the next person I see riding a moped in the bicycle lane.