Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tour de Cupcake

An alleycat style race for all types of riders. Presented by the Bike Kitchen. Hat tip to Alison.


  1. yumza!!
    will def. try to check it out and be decadent with those little treats...

  2. @meligrosa: Can we expect photos from you at Bikes and the City?

  3. Yeah, but can you smash them together and eat two or three cupcakes at a time? Don't you think that would be messier than smashing two or three glazed donuts at the Tour de Donut?

    (Trust me, I know from experience from being one of the co-founders of the original Tour de Donut in Illinois and being the 1995 champion of that event!)

    Here's a challenge for you cupcake-eating cyclists: The winner of this year's Tour de Donut ate 33 donuts. Can you eat that many cupcakes?

  4. 33 donuts, oh dear Lord...

    For those who aren't familiar, Here's the movie website for the Tour de Donut.

  5. My Tour de Cupcake results:

    I made it to:

    1.Fell and Masonic (no discernible

    2. That Takes the Cake at Fillmore and Union (checkpoint, no

    3. Fort Mason (checkpoint, no cupcakes)

    4. Trader Joes ("bourbon vanilla" is the secret ingredient in vanilla
    cake mix)

    5. States St. Park (checkpoint, no cupcake)

    6. Citizen Cake Kiosk (behind locked metal gates at 4th and Bryant).

    I never did get to Jackson Playground, Alamo Square Park, Bow and
    Arrow or an SF Public Library as I didn't bring a light and wanted to
    catch the 5 PM Caltrain. I did enjoy the hills on Fillmore and
    Steiner. Plus I saw lots of styling fixies and got to ride with
    "Hayward" and the fellow with blond dreads and woolen mouse ears.

  6. Oh, and I forgot to mention: I didn't eat any cupcakes. Apparently the organizers were expecting about 50 entrants and I suspect that there were more like 300. I was offered a cupcake when I first showed up at the Bike Kitchen at 12:15, but like a fool I turned it down since I figured the checkpoints would have lots to offer as time bonuses. That was the last cupcake I saw all day!

  7. Ooops, previous link didn't copy right. Here is the full thing:

    That's it, no more comments.

  8. Alas, the blogger software cuts off my URL. Here is a tiny URL:

    This one works, honest! Now I'm headed for the shower.

  9. Thanks for posting your results, Alison.

    I didn't make it -- I was planning on going to the STevens Canyon Memorial thing in Cupertino also, but instead I spent all weekend in bed with the flu. Bah.