Friday, October 17, 2008

Hutchinson bike tires skid really well on fixed gears

And they look good on Masi bikes and with white shirt dresses over red tights.

Carlton calls this advert for Hutchinson Tires "scrumptious yet naughty" and recommends averting your eyes before playing it.

The video was produced by Daniel Leeb of Cinecycle in Brooklyn.


  1. gawd that's sexist...can't girls ride fixies too?

  2. Man, Alfred is an awesome rider and an asset to the NY cycle scene.

  3. What's she riding? It's got a Schwinn headbadge, but the hubs look like the autoshift hubs from a Trek Lime. Interesting bike.

  4. Pete, Schwinn has a Coasting offering now.

  5. man, this ad would have been about 150 times cooler had the gender roles been switched -- the woman being the high-powered fixter-hipstper and the man the leisurely sunday rider.

    i think this is mostly because that while I am oh so sick (just had it up to HERE!)of looking at tough macho hipster dudes riding those fucking bikes (and they're all the same) like it's some kind of mystic calling, I can't seem to get enough of women doing the same exact thing.