Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Airbag for cyclists

It's for motorcyclists, not bicyclists, but I can kind of see how something like this might work for bicyclists.

The video demonstrates the Dainese D Air racing air bag system, which is designed for use in Dainese motorcycle racing suits. Bicyclists don't tend to wear much protective gear -- we're usually much slower than motorcycle racers and heat can be a problem -- but this product brings some possibilities to mind.

Hat tip to Sue for this.


  1. The regions of the body in most danger during a crash are the hip, collar bone, knee and the wrist. I like the airbag idea but the fact that cyclists will need additional gear when going uphill is a discouragement.

    What bike handling skill clinics can do in this regard maybe is to teach cyclists the right way to fall off a bike during a crash. I've seen similar instructions given to stunt men and record speed breakers. You know.. fall like a ragdoll, don't stiffen up your body, things on those lines. Not sure if they can apply to cycling.

  2. Good points, Ron.

    Mostly I think cycling is safe enough. Modern helmets are a reasonable compromise between additional safety and the inconvenience of wearing them, and we can heal from road rash. I've hit the deck at 25 mph -- it's painful, but not life ending.

  3. ...props for good points to both you guys...i could see something like this to supplement the hardshell gear the DHers use...crashing at 50mph on the old kamikaze downhill still hadda hurt, even w/ the right equipment of the day...
    ...& i'm gonna shout out about a friend, miles rockwell, who all these years later still deserves props for winning that race...55mph on the dirt is frickin crazy...missy g, jimmy deaton, all these folks hit speeds i could only dream about.,..

  4. Maybe this guy:


    could use something like that. I know there is a better video out there, but this is the only one I could find with the sound off at work.