Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yehuda Moon bag audit

It's another beautiful day in the Bay Area. Sunny skies and temps will be in the 60s F / high teens C. The heady scent of blooming flowers perfumes the air along the bike lanes. It's too bad I ONCE AGAIN forgot my helmet on the bus.

Do you know anyone else who carries a flare?

More below the photo from the Stevens Canyon memorial ride.

Ride Start - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

Yet Another Motorist ("Oh, and I ride a bike too!") missing the point and whining about scofflaw bicyclists. (Thx to James.)

Bike giveaway at law firm as incentive for bike commuting.

Coelocanth is back!

Buy Cycling: Ibex knickers review.

Bike sales are up. No, wait! Bike sales are down. They'll certainly be more expensive.

CompleteStreets commentary.

Guess where?
The idea that hit me, 'gobsmacked' as the Brits would say, is that the area has arrived as a cycling city. There's a tsunami of cycling consciousness that joins government, businesses, and individuals, highlighting this city as a cycling mecca. You may think that's an overstatement, yet it's undoubtedly true. We are no longer struggling toward a goal. We've attained it. Sure, there's much more to do, but this was an enormous hurdle to overcome.
Portland? Minneapolis? San Francisco? Nope, this is from Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places.


  1. You know, in response to a discussion that you probably saw regarding the things that get hurled at cyclists, I started a discussion of stuff that cyclists have hurled at rude motorists.

    Only now am I considering a road flare as something I might want to have with me. I'd almost be PRAYING to get buzzed by a convertible.

  2. I used to go into an Army surplus store, the same Grogan's that patrick McManus writes about, and way in the back there was a bin full of dummy practice handgrenades. These were the old 'pineapple' fragmentation grenades with a big hole drilled through the bottom. I've fantasized about riding up alongside a car, pulling the pin, and dropping it inside.

    Yes, I'm evil that way.

  3. http://chicagocyclingchick.blogspot.com/2008/03/dan-korn-made-me-laugh.html

    Dan Korn's got it right.

  4. "Tsunami of cycling conciousness" in Tulsa, Oklahoma is just C-dog having a pretty vicious WET dream. DON'T feed the wildlife.