Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Almost famous

James spotted a photo of me on Treehugger today! Well, a small part of me, anyway - you can see my left knee in the corner of the photo.

The photo below isn't me, but it's in the top 10 of popular photos in my Flickr account.

Crocs & Clips

My Flickr photos have been popular this last week. WIRED used a bike lane photo from me. SFist used my Market Street cyclist photo, as did Bike Hugger. An Italian eco blog liked one of my bikes on train photos. My shameless link bait almost worked at Bike Hugger. A Spanish solar power blog illustrated an article about solar power in Japan with this photo of workers installing photovoltaic panels on my parents' home in Japan. And finally, this Anglican website liked my "Children at church" photograph.


  1. ...fritz, that link just led to a picture of some guy who looked like he was high on something, sheesh...oops, wait a minute, disregard that last remark...

    ...but how about a direct link to those photos of your parents house in japan...i'm always interested in seeing new & different things...

  2. love the make over

    always hated the old layout!

  3. BGW, I fixed the link to the solar power article, but here's the direct link to the photo.

    Here's an older photo of my parents' home, before the rooftop PV panels were installed. My dad has used solar power since the mid 80s.

    Here's a picture of my old man climbing a mountain. And then there's a photo of the coastline not far from my parents' home in northern Japan. It looks a lot like the Marin Headlands, doesn't it?

  4. Very interesting pictures of your parent's home. I missed seeing thoseon Flickr so thanks for pointing them outhere.

  5. ...beautiful coastline & maybe even more rugged than marin headlands...
    ...i see your folks live on the northern tip of honshu but the snow makes me think of hokkaido & the pictures of the macaque monkeys basking in the thermal hot springs...

    ...never been to japan but i lived in an actual imported nipponese chado(?) house one summer, here in marin...eloquent architecture, tatami mats, the only difference was the rice paper screens had been replaced w/ similar looking fiberglass screens...

    ...domo arrigato gozimashita, for reposting, fritzsan...
    ...& hope i spelled that right...

  6. It's great to see some of the older generation grabbing on to solar ideas. Check out what this young at heart 78 year old did with some solar panels and a bit of elbow grease.