Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday testimony: Tammy Thomas took tonic

Illinois chemist and former bodybuilder Patrick Arnold testified that he shipped steroids to former Olympic cyclist Tammy Thomas in testimony during Thomas's perjury trial.

Tammy Thomas
Thomas was indicted in December 2006 for lying to the grand jury investigating the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) in Burlingame, CA. Thomas was banned from competition for life in 2002 after she tested positive for the steroid norbolethone. Norbolethone, first developed in the 60s, was pulled from clinical trials in the 70s because of its toxicity.


San Francisco Chronicle coverage of Tammy Thomas trial.

ESPN: BALCO chemist becomes witness.

Steroid Nation: The interesting case of Tammy Thomas:
In her current photo, I see a slender, attractive woman. Look at the close-up from 2002, at which time Ms. Thomas expressed an anabolic androgen in her urine. The photo looks like an androgenized female. Rugged looks. Male pattern baldness.

San Francisco Examiner Prosecutors outline case against BALCO figure Tammy Thomas:
Federal prosecutors said Thursday they have "overwhelming" proof that former Olympic cyclist Tammy Thomas lied when she told a grand jury that she never used steroids, including a high-end bicycle they allege she traded for performance-enhancing drugs when she was low on cash.

The prosecutors quote a doctor's report in August 2000 suggesting that Thomas had to shave a full beard, a steroids side effect for women.

According to the government's filing, Dr. Margaret Wierman wrote Thomas that she feared the cyclist was exposing herself to long-term health problems if she continued to ingest steroids.

Also testifying will be Kelcey Dalton, the chemist's live-in girlfriend at the time who said she had several phone conversations with Thomas during a three-month period several years ago. Dalton and Thomas' conversations "consisted of talk about weightlifting and steroids, in particular about steroids side-effects," the government's court filing stated.

According to the filing, Thomas offered Dalton a LeMond racing bicycle in exchange for some of Arnold's designer steroids.

"The deal was made and Dalton still has the bicycle," the filing stated.

Trust But Verify mentions the Thomas trial in the Saturday roundup and the Wednesday roundup.

Her side of the story in this New York Times article:
"Every day is the same day," she said in her gravelly voice. "I used to be well respected. I made my parents proud. Now I've embarrassed my family. For the rest of my life, wherever I go and whatever I do, I'm going to be known as a cheater."
Tammy Thomas photo by Casey Gibson.


  1. ...aerospokes "dude looks like a lady"...

    ...oh, really, yer telling me it's 'smith' not 'spokes' & that IS a picture of a, my, my... to joke about but this really is both sad & sick as a human interest story...a woman who would trade her bike & her soul away to become a "winner & a "name" & to be "respected"...
    ...certainly garnering the attention now...

  2. Wow, the after picture is really striking. She was scary looking when she was on the juice.

  3. Tammy Thomas? You mean Tranny Thomas.

  4. Have to say I'm curious about the "enlarged genitalia". Would it be considered umm, prurient to want to have a peek?