Monday, March 31, 2008

My Alibi women's cycling underwear

Pro MTB racer Abbie Durkee and her sister Moriah have started My Alibi to inspire more women to get on bicycles. Their perspective is that if more women felt beautiful on a bike, they would be happier, and healthier. The vision is that as communities become more localized and gas prices rise the practicality of bicycles will be more evident in America just as they are in much of Europe.

Their first product are the My Alibi Bloomers. These cycling under crackers are made in Italy using top of the line Lycra with a Pro quality gel pad for maximum booty protection. With no binding elastic and a low cut waist they virtually disappear under your favorite skirt, Capri, or shorts according to My Alibi. Leaving you feeling light and pretty, they are your little secret while cruising around comfortably on your bike.

With spring arriving now is a perfect time for My Alibi's Bloomers to get some use! As a Pro level MTB racer, Abbie Durkee, has spent many hours in the saddle and has listened to the testimonies of all types female riders. The common tune is a desire to feel feminine while on a bike. This has inspired her to create the Bloomers an essential base layer to wearing fashionable feminine clothing on a bike.

Currently the Bloomers are the only innovative product My Alibi has on the market but these sisters are working hard to release an entire line of coordinating fashionable styles.


  1. ...good on you, fritz...moriah worked at the 'good earth natural food store' in fairfax,ca before joining her sister abbie in the 'my alibi' venture...hope they do great...
    ...we don't need to check under those 'chrome' knickers, now do we ???...
    ...just askin'...

  2. I was going to go ahead and order some but they're $125 each! Yes, ONE-HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS! I can buy three pair of Pearl Izumi chamois shorts at the Gilroy outlet for that price. I don't care how great they are, over $100 for underwear is a sign of impending doom for the company.