Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bicycle blogs

The weather has improved dramatically in my part of the world, so I'm riding more and writing less. Here's some reading to catch up on:

Treacle the owl rides on a bicycle handlebar Staffordshire, England. His keeper says, "I suppose the bike feels like he's flying but without putting in the effort."

Here's my wife Sara on her Breezer Villager. The flowery panniers are from Basil in the Netherlands.

Sara on her Breezer Villager

The Canadian pro cycling team Symmetrics was not invited to the Tour of California. wonders why.

Steephill also posts Tour de Georgia route information.

Cool marketing to cyclists: seatcovers imprinted with your advertising. I used to just use rubber bands for flyers on handlebars.

Traffic jams explained by researchers (includes video). Bike Hugger also presents a solution.

Rick's open letter to a Hummer driver.

City Bikes: the anatomy of a basic hybrid.

National Bike Dealer Association fighting the proposed New Jersey quick release ban.

Bike Summit: The vicious cycle of anti-cyclist bias as told by Bob Mionske. And then there's this: Salt Lake prosecutor is using the 3 foot law for the first time ever. In Tuscon, on the other hand, a county sheriff's deputy actively harrasses cyclists and causes a big accident. Tuscon PD just ignore attacks against cyclists.

Are crazy cyclists safer than their more safe and sane counterparts?

This is unexpected: Female competitive mountain bikers. And they're from Iran.

More unexpected: GOP Convention organizers are working to be carbon neutral.

There's plenty more, but I'm typing this on the bus ride home and I'm almost there.


  1. She looks very comfortable on that Breezer! Regular clothes, regular shoes.

  2. Trouble for bikes on Tucson's roads, eh? Maynard Herson's 2005 bit on his experience in Tucson is worth a read.

  3. ...we haven't been introduced, so should i call your wife mrs fritz ???...

    ...american bicycle racing, behind the scenes: ta-da, money & politics !!!...oh, yea, & bikes...

    ...rick maybe shows the 'patience of job' w/ that hummer driver...props to you sir... seatcover idea...

    ...bob mionske is working hard as usual to try & save us from both "them" & ourselves...

    ...connect up to mr ryberg's tuscon lawyer's blog for an eye opener...that seems like a tough place to try & enjoy a good road nice if the general public woke the frick up & recognized we're talking peoples lives here...

    ...& the carbon neutral gop convention ???, hmmm, i'll keep an eye on that one for awile...