Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bicycle website

Michael is a 10 year bike commuting veteran in Ashland, Oregon, where he's current a grad student in an online program for Environmental Management and is interested in the concept of environmental behavior change. Michael and his friends believe more people should try biking to work, and he's researched the best ways to use the Internet to promote biking to work. Michael has surveyed bike commuters and used focus groups to discuss what motivates bike commuters and what barriers need to be overcome to encourage commuting by bike. He started the website velocommuter to provide knowledge and inspiration for the average person to try commuting by bike. "Some may hate it," says Michael, "but lots of people will probably love it and think that it is a simple way to reduce consumption of oil while getting a great workout."

Michael also really wants to push the Velocommute Pledge Page -- pledge to commit to biking to work once per week, and the site will tell you how much you save in CO2 emissions.

Tim is a cyclist in Buffalo, NY. He started Bike Wire, a free website for cyclists featuring social networking, stat tracking & graphing, honor code leaderboard, blogging, photo, and meatworld networking. The idea is that John Doe fro Orlando, FL should be able to sign up for BikeWire and have instant access to his area's ride maps, clubs, teams, group rides, and more that have been posted by Orlando's users.

This one isn't cycling related but it may be of interest to some of you: TransitRant is a forum to rant about your public transportation.

Personal note: I went to a birthday party this afternoon with some Filipino friends and was introduced to one of their delicacies -- balut. Google for images of this treat, if you dare. I literally lost a portion of my lunch.


  1. Fritz,
    On balut... I lived in the Philippines for four years and know what you are talking about. There are lots of great foods there too. Sorry, you tangled with it... Even living there, I never actually ate it.

  2. hmmm.... Balut..... Having lived in Hong Kong for 13 years, with plenty of filipino friends, I have also come within view of them.... I did manage to eat two at the end of a friends wedding after consuming a lot of "dutch courage".... the memory of them is that they taste good.... but I'm not sure how m,uch I can rely on that...!!!