Sunday, March 2, 2008

Cyclist spontaneously combusts

Perhaps Mr. Mieczyslaw Jasinski should consider lycra bike shorts, which don't chafe quite so much, or maybe he needs to wipe the grease off of his chain. Jasinski was Just Riding Along when he smelled burning and looked down to see his pants had caught on fire.

A police spokesman said: “Witnesses said he was like a flaming human torch cycling along the road.

“We do not know how it happened but we have heard that it could have been caused by a reaction between friction as he cycled, sweat and the material of his trousers.”

Read more about this cycling human torch here and here. Big props to Biking Bis for this important safety news.


  1. I'll have to suspend my riding to work in my work clothes on dry winter days until they announce the kind of material his pants were made of...and I check the labels on my pants. Jeez.

  2. Or he accidentally tossed a cigarette butt into his trouser cuff.