Thursday, March 20, 2008

シャカリキ! Popular bicycle manga to be a movie

シャカリキ!Shakariki! is a popular comic manga in Japan featuring high school kids who compete against each other on hilly roads in the mountains of rural Japan. These kids suffer, they have bad hair, they sweat and snot runs from their noses as they push with all their might to be the fastest kid to climb the mountain. They have no friends -- only rivals who sabotage them, coaches who berate them for their failures, families who don't understand their passion for bicycling. They somehow manage to ride with second hand jerseys, bikes and headbands from the 80s.

シャカリキ! Shakarikii the comic

シャカリキ!Shakariki! the movie is in production now. The movie features the "D-Boys," a pretty boy acting troupe of young men with corporate sponsorship, great hair, great teeth, no sweat, and no snot who limply wave their wrists in the air as supportive and attractive friends all cry "Ganbate!" while dramatic music crescendos and they all win some sort of prize.

Shakariki the movie

シャカリキ! will be released in Tokyo in Fall 2008. From Sankei Sports. See also The official Shakriki movie site and the official Shakariki movie blog. Props to my Japanese cycling buddy in the Bay Area, Naoto-san, to whom I apologize for the artistic license I've taken in translating this important cycling news.


  1. This qualifies as weird and wonderful.

  2. ...regarding the guy on the poster in the chateau d'ax/ gatorade kit...hmmm, i don't recall bugno, giovanetti or even fignon when he rode for them, having any teammates who looked quite like that...

  3. BGW -- that's why I figured they're leftover jerseys :-)

    Ryan -- indeed.