Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stevens Canyon Critical Mass

1,000 cyclists remember Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough in memorial ride

At least a thousand cyclists rode this afternoon from Foothill College to Stevens Canyon Road to remember Matt Peterson and Kristy Gough, two cyclists who were killed last Sunday when Santa Clara Sheriff's deputy James Council crossed the center line and struck them. The pack rode somberly as a helicopter flew overhead and police and volunteers blocked intersections. It was a bit like a 10 mile long suburban Critical Mass, except the mood was somber and the bikes were different and almost everybody was decked out in road cycling kit.


Photo: "Kristy and Matt Memorial Ride" by John Gale.


  1. Looks a lot like the ride we had for Larry & Sierra Gaunt in KC. It's cool to see so many pull together for these memorial rides, but the media attention is momentary, and the motorists seem to forget the gravity of these tragedies all too soon.

  2.'re right, noah, unfortunately you are so very right...
    ...fritz, some of the links you've provided have some 'interesting' info regarding cycling in the bay area...

    ...the photos & stories about today's memorial ride paint a picture of a dramatically beautiful bay area rain, some tears, flowers w/ a peaceful & quiet participation...
    ...glad to see folks shaking hands & talking w/ the sheriff's department reps...
    ...what a shame it came about for the reasons it did...

  3. True critical mass. We need this show of support for cycling more often to send a clear and coherent message. Truly a tragic story.

    How many more tragedies do we need to alert the public and leadership to the fact that cars kill, especially when driven by distracted drivers. We need our laws changed, we need fair and effective enforcement, we need to change...

  4. I'm disapponted that I didnt get to make it. I've been thinking about this tragedy all week. I would like to see an organized critical manner (not mass) every month to help build awareness for safe cycling. Tradegies like this really hurt the cycling community. Several people this week told me that this is why they don't ride anymore.

  5. We tried to find you out there, but we didn't know how to spot your kit in the sea of riders

  6. I was the guy in the bike shorts and yellow rain jacket (because I expected rain) and white Giro helmet.

  7. Tragic happen anytime, any place, and to has to wear bright cloth n proper protection b4 going on road.