Friday, September 25, 2009

BIke helmet heads up display

The ARider plugs into your iPhone to provide a heads up display to help you navigate as you ride a bicycle.

This is a prototype from Ubiquitous Entertainment in Tokyo.

Via Core 77.


  1. I'm not opposed to tech on a ride, being a fan of my computer and on long solo rides one-earing my mp3 player, but really - an iPhone-based HUD? If you're so confused about where you're going that you can't get there without constant input from Mr. Jobs maybe you should be rethinking your route.

  2. The Rider doesn't seem to have noticed that he's on the pavement. Or that a pedestrian might pinch his iPhone from the top of his helmet.

  3. CarHead + JobHead = DANGER = BikeHead + JobHead

    Now everyone seems to be tuned in and tuned out at the same time. Yelling "passing on left" at skaters, cyclists or pedestrians is rarely heard.

  4. Doesn't the HUD obstruct your vision? And if you can switch it to the other side, and you have low vision in that eye, isn't it true that you can't read the display at all? (20-400 vision in my left eye, just about enough to give me depth perception.) So my choice is being blind on one side,(the one eye, I can see out of), or not seeing the display?

    Sounds like it sucks.