Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm in Taiwan!

Taiwan Tourism Board and Giant Bicycles is promoting cycling on the island in a big way this year. I'm in Taiwan along with several other people taking a look cycling on the island. We're currently at Sun Moon Lake at the center of Taiwan, a gorgeous alpine lake and the largest freshwater lake on the island, where we'll participate in a bike ride.

The gang at the Del Lago Hotel along Sun Moon Lake.

In Taiwan!

Mark of Bike Hugger and Alicia of ROAD Magazine ride up the street.

Mark and Alicia

Heather takes a look at a Giant minivelo at the Giant bike store and rental shop at Sun Moon Lake.

Pink It and Shrink It: Giant Mini Velo


  1. Taiwan is a great place to ride. I lived there a spend a year there a few years back and commuted across Taipei daily. I never even got hit by a car!

    Take the light rail to the Taipei zoo and ride on the small roads through the mountains.

    City riding is wicked too.

  2. ...hope you're having a great time, senor fritz...

  3. Fabulous place to bike is our island. I'd be happy to take you on some excellent rides near SM Lake.

    Here's a link to my post on a ride that swung down almost to Sun Moon Lake. There's beautiful places in the mountains -- how long are you staying for?

    Michael Turton

  4. @Heath - we got a Metro pass and hopefully I'll have a chance to use it.

    @BGW - we're having a BALL here. It's an amazing trip.

    @Michael - Oh wow! I love your post. I rode around Sun Moon Lake yesterday afternoon on Road 21, then today me and my group participated in the Bike Taiwan event (photos coming later tonight I hope). We're about to go to dinner and then we leave for Tapei tomorrow morning.