Friday, September 11, 2009

Russell Crowe takes the lane

Gladiator Russell Crowe takes the lane where he cycles, whether in Hollywood as shown below or around his home in Sydney, Australia.

Russell Crowe biking around in Hollywood, CA

Russell Crowe goes for his daily bike ride through the streets of Beverly Hills, Ca

When Sydney Confidential gossip columnist Annette Sharp wrote "unkind things about people smoke fags and ride pushies," Crowe challenged Sharp to a 12 mile bike ride around Sydney.

Sharp rode remarkably well for somebody doing her first bike ride, especially one that long. View the Gladiator vs Gossip Columnist video here. I couldn't tell what Russel was riding - it looked like something older and he has lights mounted on his bike like a true transportational cyclist -- but it appears Sharp was comped a nice full suspension Cannondale.

Tip of the hat to Warren.


  1. Crowe rides a very nice top of the line off road Scott. . It was not the gossip writer/rider's first bike ride. But she admitted she didn't ride much, unlike the movie star, who rides for fun and fitness wherever he is, going shopping, to meetings, joining friends for breakfast or lunch. Also, the out of shape paparazzi who follow around celebrities can't keep up.

    The whole ride was a PR stunt after the gossipy column inspired Crowe to the challenge, but sort of a win/win thing, all in good humor.

  2. Thanks for that, Anon 5:47. Agree with you that it looks like they had a good time with it.

  3. Looks like Crowe is riding a Trek Fuel of some sort, probably a year old or so.

    Reporter is on a Cannondale Scalpel

  4. I kept an eye out for Crowe when I was in Sydney ... to no avail. Lots of folk out on their bikes though, riding in traffic that would scare the pants off me. BTW - Thanks for the link.

    [I love my Word Verification word: untents. It's what we do at the end of every campout...]

  5. ..."russel crowe takes the lane"... bet yer ass he does...anywhere, anytime he rides...

    ...& were mr crowe to walk out & find you trying to drill out the lock in order to steal his bike, i do believe mr crowe would handle the situation quite like that recently viewed video that made the rounds...

    ...not a man to be trifled with...