Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bike jobs 9/10/2009

I haven't posted bicycle jobs lately. Here's what's on Craigslist these days:

SF Bay Area ---

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Community Outreach Organizer.

Fixed gear prejudice: There's a randomly snarky requirement for a Grants Associate -- "your bicycle has gears and brakes".

Specialized Bicycles in Morgan Hill seeks Event Planner and Web Programmer.

Boston Area ---

Bike Courier.

Parking Facility Rate Collector. You ride your bike around town taking photos of parking lot rates.

Chicagoland ---

The ad says Personal Assistant but it looks more like a courier job.

Dog Walker, bicycle required.

Dallas Area ---

Allstate seeks Insurance Sales Producer who will, among other things, produce sales material for bicycle safety? Did I read that right?

Los Angeles Area ---

School bike patrol.

Park Ranger.

Bicycle Delivery.

Paris, France ---

Bicycle Tour Guide


  1. There is an opening for an Executive Director at Bike Works in Seattle.

  2. Thanks for the note, Stacey. And all, feel free to post whatever bike jobs you know about.

  3. =v= Tragically, none of the Bay Area jobs are at places I could bike to!

  4. The SVBC job would be primarily out of your home, so I hope that's bikeable :-)