Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kevin James rides a recumbent trike

American actor and comedian Kevin James rides a trike down Commonwealth Avenue in Boston during filming of "The Zookeeper."

Kevin James, Joe Rogan, Steffiana De La Cruz and Nat Faxon on the set of The Zookeeper in Boston, MA


  1. He's so unfunny that it's not even funny.

    It looks like he'll be making fun of recumbent tricycles, which is bound to be hilarious. Laughing at people with mobility issues is such fun.

  2. A non-papparazzo also caught a photo of Kevin:

  3. ...i'd say ol' kevin could be the butt of his own jokes...& a big butt at that...

  4. That was a good find by Steve there.

    I know absolutely nothing about Kevin James -- he just popped up in the newsfeed and I had to look him up to see what he's even about.