Friday, September 4, 2009

More Eurobike 2009 photos: Components and colors!

Cüneyt has kindly uploaded 16 more pages of photos from Eurobike 2009, this time featuring components and accessories. Check out the Crankbrother pedals that match Truvativ cranks and SRAM select components to bring bag matching color coordination to a whole new level.

Visit MTBTr to view the full set. You can find more Eurobike 2009 photos here.


  1. Although right now I really want loads of coloured stuff for my bike, will I look like a fashionable fool in a year's time.

  2. See, it's a trick so you'll be obligated to buy more stuff next year.

  3. ...had to stare long n' hard before i realized that red anodized 'thingy' was a pedal...

    ...& are you gentlemen suggesting the bicycle industry would ever cater to "trendy" ???...pshaw, i say !!!...