Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bike With Me

I hope you enjoy this 90 second vignette of my morning commute.


  1. Well, that is certainly an enlightened employer you have there. What a fantastic facility for cyclists.

  2. Well, that is certainly an enlightened employer you have there. What a fantastic facility for cyclists.

  3. LOVED IT. Thanks for sharing. I love watching vids of other peoples' commutes. I especially enjoyed the background music by the Master, Mr. Keaggy.
    I have a Flip camera on my wish list, so hopefully I will be able to add some videos of my commute soon.
    Thanks again.

  4. Cool to see you cut the apex between the tree and the curb in PA. I miss that commute. I'm stuck in Hayward now - not nearly as scenic a commute.

  5. @Jason: I wondered if anybody would recognized Phil Keaggy's music. I'm glad you did! Looking forward to your video postings.

    @Jim: What? You mean everybody doesn't have secure covered bike storage with electronic locks? :-)

    @Mike: Yeah, I was being a little silly with the tree.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the video!

  6. ...ride to work ???...

    ...the way you were racing past other riders, i thought it was the tour de france...

    ...just sayin'...

  7. I do the same commute from SJ to PA. In fact I see the blue Fuji Fixed guy a lot. Nice place for your bike

  8. @BGW - It was the same rider I passed several times. I was just riding along, taking it easy, and passing him at a moderate pace several times, then I stop at a light and he brushes by me on my right as fast as he can completely blowing through the light. This happened three or four times. The last time he did it he bumped elbows. I might have accidentally brushed into into him on that last pass at speed.

    @Missy: Glad you like it. I'm waiting for some motorcycle videos from you!

    @Velo: Blue Fixed Guy is Omar, the service manager for Campus Bike Shop at Stanford. Super nice guy. Which bike are you? I'll look for you.

  9. ...ya...i'll be just spinning easily coming home from a serious road ride & these bike commuter types come buzzin' by like that...

    ...it's like they see a kitted out rider in the distance & think they're proving something by racing up & passing closely...guys, i'm in the decompression stage of my ride...leave me out a' yer stupid little fantasy...

    ...worse are the idiots that come up & jump on your wheel w/out announcing it...i stop at stop signs & i'll hear a squealing of brakes followed by some clown brushing by, usually on my right as he races through the stop...

    ...if my good road bike ever gets hit by one a' those types, you may not appreciate just how i might react to or deal w/ that...

  10. This is awesome. Bike racks at work, bikers on the train, beautiful weather, bike lanes--consider yourself blessed. Cool riding too.