Monday, September 21, 2009

Weather and Climate

Last week it was cold and rainy I was thinking about writing a winter cycling primer. Today, we're supposed to be over 40° C (about a bazillion degrees F) in some parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.

It's a dry heat, though, and it really isn't too bad. Keep yourself well hydrated and you should do fine while cycling. In last Friday's heat I even set a new personal best for my Menlo Park to San Jose bike ride, making the 24 mile distance in just 70 minutes (that's wall time, not cyclocomputer time), for an average speed of 20.6 mph. This is with traffic, stop signs and red lights, and for me that's pretty good since I generally average in the 17 to 18 mph range.

My cyclocomputer was really flaking out on me Friday evening. I must be in downtown San Jose at 6:15 to catch my bus to Santa Cruz, and I know an 18 mph average speed will get me there on time. Since my cyclocomputer was busted, I had no idea how fast I was going or even what time it was, so I just put everything I had into the ride and showed up 20 minutes early.

Back to the heat: Since the mornings are still relatively cool, you can probably get away with wearing your office clothes to work, especially if you keep the going slow. Be prepared to wash the sweat out after your evening commute, though.


  1. 20.6 mile average on a 24 mile ride? Nice!

  2. ...i look at those pictures of empire grade road & i wonder 'weather' i could 'climate'...

    ...just sayin'...

  3. That's faster than usual, that's for sure.

    I just heard from a Facebook friend that's it's snowing along the Front Range in Colorado.

  4. @BGW - Ha ha ha!!!

    Now to wipe the oatmeal from my computer keyboard.

  5. ...whoops, sorry...

    ...& ya, for us left coasters, it's quite an extreme we're dealing w/, huh ???... early mornings n' hot, hot days... the middle of the heat, i tell myself "if ya whine about it now, just remember that during winters damp chill !!!"...

  6. Gee, you sure you didn't change to km? That's bookin' :D