Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tour of Missouri Stage 3 recap

Universal has their stage 3 video here, in which Paul Sherwen and Frankie "Andrew" (snark) recap Stage 3 from . Supposedly I could embed the video but I couldn't find the embed code. Oh well.

I normally use PicApp for editorial photos but they're slow on the uptake with Tour of Missouri photos, so I'll just post this one from yesterday where Mark Cavendish gets a smooch from those Midwestern podium gals.

Tour of Missouri kicks off with Stage 1 in St. Louis

If you're posting photos to Flickr or other photo sharing, feel free to let me know about them so I can point some traffic your way.

Links out to Tour of Missouri Stage 3 news and commentary:


  1. Actually, the two gals pictured here are from Georgia! There's some brief bios of them on the Tour of Missouri site.