Monday, September 14, 2009

Nicole Kidman rode a bicycle

BMX Bandits DVD starring Nicole Kidman

The current September issue of Urban Velo magazine has a brief review of the 1986 BMX cult classic movie Rad. One reader took issue with Jeff Guerrero's characterization of that movie as one of the worst movies ever, instead choosing the Australian BMX Bandits for that honor. The highlight of this children's film is that it stars 15 year old Nicole Kidman in her first major feature role. BMX Bandits is a children's adventure in which a gang of three BMX riding teens (including Kidman) defeat the nefarious plans of criminal masterminds with their clever bike riding.

BMX Bandits is one of 42 films directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Some of his other films include winning titles like Kung Fu Killers, Dead End Drive In, and Silk Stalkings.

BMX Bandits Nicole Kidman

Trenchard-Smith blogged about BMX Bandits and it turns out the little kid at the end of the advertisement is his son Eric, who is these days a decent flatlander. And check this out about the director's son:
Eric has a license but does not want a car. He bikes to work, in order to reduce his carbon footprint. I am proud to have a son who follows through on his principles. It’s one thing to talk the talk, it’s another to pedal 9 miles each way and save on all that carbon monoxide. We should all seriously think about using bikes for our short range travel. Walking’s good too.
Finally, Trenchard-Smith gives mention of The Lady is the Boss with its awesome BMX kung fu fight scenes. Lady is a rip off of BMX Bandit, but Trenchard-Smith seems flattered that they copied his genre of BMX crime fighting kids.


  1. =v= Rad features the most totally believable dance sequence ever filmed. I saw it recently during BikeFest in Pittsburgh (where Urban Velo is published).

    I've never seen BMX Bandits, but the premise makes a lot of sense. I'd certainly follow Nicole Kidman everywhere. If it weren't for this restraining order, I mean.

  2. I've seen this movie, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Like a lot of these movies, you don't watch it for the acting or the story, you watch it for the action sequences, and this one is full of great chase scenes: bikes in a shopping mall, bikes at a water park, etc.

    Incidentally, Nicole Kidman doesn't actually ride a bike: all the chase scenes were done with experienced (male) BMX riders.

  3. I was an 8 year old Aussie when BMX bandits came out and I was obsessed with how awesome it was. Eventually I acquired my own BMX bike and much banditry ensued...

  4. BMX Bandits was completely off of my radar when it came out in the 80s. I guess I had other interests then.

    @Jym: That bike dance sequence is, umm, rad.

    @Edwin: That's what I understand too.

    @Anon: "much banditry ensued" ha! :-)