Thursday, September 3, 2009

Electra Ticino bikes

Electra Bicycle is moving up from their townies and cruisers and will introduce the Ticino line of bikes at Interbike.

Electra Ticino Men Bicycle
Electra Ticino Women Bicycle

Electra wants Ticino to embody "the elegance of European handbuilt bikes ... for classically styled rides that are as modern as modern gets."

I'll take a look at these bikes and report from the show in a few short weeks. Click here for detail photos.


  1. Pretty bike, but am I the only one who is of this out of focus photo effect?

  2. The photos are marketing material from Electra. Tilt shift can be kind of fun, but for product photos it's probably overdoing things a bit.

  3. Oh, I didn't mean to imply you had anything to do with it. It's just something that has become overused of late.

    It is odd they would want to release photos of their cool new product and make it look like a cheap model.

  4. Is that a TA crank? Or is it just a "tribute."

  5. Interesting. Pretty nice looking bikes. As I squinted at the parts in the photos I was thinking to myself that these bikes could easily be well preserved 70's models (with the exception of the sloping top tube). This might be helpful in deterring a casual thief scanning a bike rack. I was a little skeptical about the statement about "as modern as modern gets". That's not to say that a bike that's not cutting edge wouldn't make a good commuter or around town bike. I guess high tech trumps simple and robust in the world of marketing, though.

  6. That crank is a TA copy, anyway. The components are apparently all special ordered copies of stuff from the 50s, but with modern dimensions. It's undoubtably inexpensive compared to the French made components, and I'm sure marketing spun the "modern" angle to make made-in-Taiwan a virtue. I'll take detail photos at Interbike.

    Something I wonder about is the fit -- is this bike designed with Electra's "flat foot" geometry? I can't tell from the photos.

  7. Hey, Not flat foot at all. Conventional BB placement with a relaxed seat tube angle.