Monday, October 12, 2009


My paternal great grandparents were Italian immigrants who joined the growing Italian colony in Krebs, Oklahoma to work the coal mines in eastern Oklahoma. The Italians in Krebs are very proud of their Italian heritage, and I imagine they're waving a lot of green, white and red today.

My paternal grandmother was also descended from the initial band of Choctaw Indians who walked from Mississippi to Indian Territory on the "trail of tears and death" in 1831. An astonishing 20% of those who left Mississippi perished on their way to Oklahoma. These Americans were themselves survivors of the massive depopulation of the American continents that occurred due to disease after Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

It's indisputable that Columbus Day marks a watershed in human history. Perhaps because of my mixed heritage, I don't feel strongly one way or the other on observation of the day; Columbus Day celebrations don't bother me at all, but neither am I terribly upset at efforts to de-emphasize Columbus's landing on San Salvador or rebranding of this day into Dia de la Raza.

Cyclelicious exists to discover other New Worlds, a voyage to explore ways to encourage more people to travel under their own power and, hopefully, learn to get along a little better with one another. I deviate from this mission (sometimes a lot), so I depend on you to keep me on track. I appreciate you all and thank you for sticking around and for all of your input.


  1. Interesting lineage, dawg. Nice.

  2. Many times, I have ventured down to Krebs (once on a bicycle)to enjoy the delicious Italian fare served up by the descendants of those Italian immigrants who worked the mines that have long since closed. Yum.
    People who visit Oklahoma are suprised and delighted that such delicious, authentic Italian food can be found in such an obscure location.
    As for Columbus, I'm just glad I got the day off. My grandfather came to this country from Norway. He always insisted that by the time Columbus showed up, he was met by a grinning Leif Erikson.

  3. ...i heard so much "columbus day" stuff yesterday that i forgot it was thanksgiving day back on the ol' canadian sod...

    ...a bike shop guy, an american no less, was the one to remind this ex-pat, props to him...

    ...& while i sadly miss the traditional canadian thanksgiving turkey stuffed w/ "old mukluks, maple leafs n' hockey pucks", in the spirit of belatedly celebrating both days, i thank you, fritz, for what you "bring to the table" as regards cycling...

    ...keep it up...