Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vancouver 2010 and traffic

Vancouver, BC and environs will be a traffic nightmare during the Winter Olympics, so organizers are promoting "alternative" transportation in a transportation plan that restricts on street parking and encourages public transportation, shuttles, walking and even bicycling.
"The goal is to reduce vehicle traffic by 30 per cent, which is about 26,000 vehicles," says Terry Wright, 2010's head of Olympic services. "We will have new cycling networks and bike parking in and around the venues."
Pedestrian corridors will be established where people can walk, bike and ride pedicab to events. Temporary bike parking will be provided at Games venues and LiveCity celebration sites. Bike lockers will be available at all SkyTrain stations, with the exception of Stadium station. Olympic organizers encourage Vancouver residents to participate in Bike to Work Week November 2-9 to practice cycling in winter conditions, which I think is pretty rad.

For details, visit the City of Vancouver online map page which includes maps of the Olympic and Paralympic Venues, Vancouver bike map, and an Olympic road network map.

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  1. The Olympics are self destructive. With the threat of global warming we cannot afford such flagrant displays of excess and overconsumption. The best way to avoid 300,000 tons of emissions is for people to simply stay at home.