Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wii Bike

This stationary bike is a Wii controller.

From the game screenshot, it appears you use this bike drive a pedal powered chopper over the planet to clean up the planet.

More at Kotaku. Due for release January 2010 from French game publisher BigBen Interactive. Since they're French, is it too much to hope for a bike racing game to use with this accessory?

Via Gizmodo. I thought I mentioned it earlier but I guess not. Also at WIRED Gear Factor, where Charlie suggests just playing Mario Cart with a normal WiiMote while sitting on the exercise bike that's gathering dust in the basement.


  1. Hm!

    So are we to understand that one may purchase (perhaps on a credit card!) a large, expensive item that was likely resource intensive to build (as most things electronic are) and ship, that doesn't go anywhere, so that one may play a game in which they "clean up the planet"?


  2. It would be cooler if I could use the bike to power the Wii and my TV. Also, it had better have variable resistance. We got given a Smart Cycle for the kids to use last year and the sucker has no resistance at all, you can spin at 150 rpm. For being a Smart Cycle, it sure is stupid.

    But I'd make good use of this thing when we are having the horrid weather like yesterday. Especially if I could tie it in with my Wii Fit profile to get credit. Also, it would be sweet if you could do some mountain biking with awesome scenery on the tv.

  3. Powering my Wii with this thing would remind me too much of Soylent Green :-) But yeah, a bike game with scenery would be the best.

    I had to look up Smart Cycle -- that looks pretty fun!