Thursday, October 22, 2009

2010 AToC: Armstrong, Leipheimer, Zabriskie, Hincapie all in

Lance Armstrong responded to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's inquiry this morning on Twitter and confirmed he will race next May in the 2010 Amgen Tour of California.

This was followed by responses from Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie and David Zabriskie that they also plan to race in California next May, followed by a Twitter conversation in which they list the reasons they like to race in the Amgen Tour of California.

As far a Twitter PR stunts go, this one was pretty cute and very well executed.


  1. ...agreed...obviously a setup but nicely done...all the top "name" american pros were involved...the guys that even the casual cycle racing observer would recognize just played "let me hand off the microphone to..." online...

    ...word verification thingy = snexi...hmmm, as in ???...
    ..."i'm too snexi for for my car, too snexi for my car,
    too snexi by far...
    ...i'm too snexi for my hat,
    too snexi for my hat, what do you think about that ???"
    ...apologies to right said fred although after reading the actual lyrics i prob'ly don't need to apologize to that guy...

  2. more importantly armstrong has announced he is doing the 2011 Ironman championchip

  3. @BGW: You never fail to crack me up!

    @Russ: Dude!!! LA got his start doing triathlons.