Sunday, October 11, 2009

Clif Shot Roks

Clif gave me some of their new "Shot Roks" to try. As you can see from the empty packaging, these "pop and go" protein bites are pretty tasty.

Clif Shot Roks

They're kind of like those chocolate covered malt balls, but with a chewier texture and much less sugar. Shot Roks are high protein snacks that don’t melt, freeze or stick together, and there’s no messy powder to mix with liquid. They survived in the bottom of my overstuffed backpack and the high humidity and heat of Taiwan just fine, at least until I gulped them down.

One shortcoming -- There are 10 Roks per bag. When I eat just a couple of Roks (which I've done), the rest of the little balls rattle around in the bottom of my backpack. Again, the balls survived just fine for the day, though I did eventually stuff them into a sealable baggie.


  1. I obey david bowie and take protein pills.
    Have been drinking lots of naked and odwallas since e/one around me is super sick.
    Have always thought of those as 'runner' gadget things, until I was shopping for granola bars etc/ for the randonneurs ride. Maybe one of these days Ill give them a try :)
    &thanks for the simple, honest review

  2. I just wish the ratio of product to package were a little higher. I just can't get past putting that much plastic out there.