Thursday, October 15, 2009

Arc'teryx urban outdoor wear

Arc'teryx, a Canadian sporting goods company known for their climbing and hiking gear, has introduced their Veilance men's technical apparel (sorry again, ladies) for the urban environment. Check out this blazer, for example, with Windstopper fabric which would look good and work great while biking to work.

Other items from Arc'teryx Veilance include urban styled technical jackets, pants, sweaters and shirts. The pants have zippered pockets! And with the rugged fabric and high quality, the pants might even last through more than a single season of bike commuting. Some of the shirts also have discrete shoulder pockets.

At several hundred dollars and up for these stylish and well made digs, Veilance will be offered at the premium men's stores that I never shop at.

Via Bike Commuting in Columbus.


  1. Nice threads, but an $800 blazer is probably beyond many cyclers' price range. (I'd rather spend it on another bike, myself.)

  2. oh right, because women dont ride that much... esp. in nice clothes and normal looking pieces. mmmh :/

    rapha, same thing. keep the men's lines rolling, maybe ill drop my day job and join the b.spoke taylor & sheila moon revolution.

    pfffttt -

  3. When I see someone wearing Arc'teryx, I think they probably know nothing about whatever sport they are doing, they just have loads of money to blow to look cool. Basically find a comparable item from a similar company and multiply the price by 3. I'm surprised that blazer is actually cheap to Arc'teryx standards.

    Looks cool though. I've thought about sewing some fancier clothes myself since I don't want to spend tons of money but am okay at sewing things. I made a great wool cycling cap that looks top of the line that only cost me $5 in materials.

  4. ... or they found an outlet online -- sometimes some of the women's wear lands there.

    Yea, I can't get but so "left out" feeling when it's *that* pricy.