Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No good deed goes unpunished

This is sickening...
Five teenagers were charged with aggravated battery yesterday for dousing a 15-year-old with rubbing alcohol and setting him on fire because he stopped someone from stealing his father's bicycle, authorities said.
Details --> AHN.

Update courtesy my loyal readers - the article I link to has info that doesn't quite fit the circumstances of the article I originally read (which is where the title comes from). Ah well.


  1. Crap like this went on all the time where I went to high school, and teachers and administrators just looked the other way.

  2. Those kids will grow up to be productive members of society.

    I'm sure of it.

  3. Anonymous: you went to a high school where students were routinely doused with alcohol and lit on fire, receiving burns over 75% of their bodies, only to be ignored by the teachers and administrators?

    Where was this school, Hell?!

  4. Where's the good deed here? The kid wasn't attacked because he kept a bike from being stolen. He was attacked because he owed somebody $40. That somebody then successfully stole the bike and the kid reported the theft to police.

    I'm not saying that any of this justifies burning somebody, but it isn't as though the kid were in the act of saving somebody's bicycle and was burned. The summary and title on this post were misleading.

  5. Wow, yeah, Anon is right...

    Yokota, you seem to do this often, paraphrasing stories to get them to be more salacious...why do you do this?

    This has happened alot...I think you've lost a reader here.

  6. The original summary was from a different article that didn't mention anything about $40, just that he kept his dad's bike from getting stolen.

    I wasn't happy with the short summary I originally linked to and found an article with more detail without *ahem* actually reading it beyond a quick skim to ensure it's the same incident. So sorry about that.

  7. Maybe it wasn't a "good deed" in the sense of a selfless act, but I don't think that changes the story.

    He (allegedly) owed someone $40 - not a bad thing in and of itself. That someone then stole his father's bike - bad thing. He reported the theft to the police - good thing. When the thief was released to his parents, he ganged up with some friends and lit the kid on fire, subjecting him to a 5-month recovery timeframe - very bad thing.

    Maybe the inciting incident wasn't the bike exactly, but that hardly takes away from the obsecenity of the resulting act.

  8. considering the source, I'm not so sure about the 40 thing either - and it really doesn't matter. It's sickening, period.

  9. ...hard to imagine...a misunderstanding between teens & then escalated action based on that original misunderstanding...

    ...the real concern is not what precipitated everything (teens will be teens, high duh factor in growing up) but the lack of judgment in utilizing alcohol & actually burning someone... far as fritz's "salacious" headlining, mr bullard, while i get your intent, you might wish to utilize better terminology yourself...ixnay on "salacious"...hardly appropriate & a definite case of "the pot calling the kettle black"...

    ...& despite a seeming misinterpretation in this case of the original facts, i've always found fritz to be someone who tries to represent the truth through this site...if he made a mistake, so be it...i'd suggest he's the type to learn from that...

  10. Update: Prognosis grim for burned teen. Poor kid.

    You gotta love the mother of one of the accused, who said, "I know kids, when they're young, they wanna see stuff. I just wish he went the other way."

    She wished her son walked away?! Have we learned nothing from Kitty Genovese?

  11. Yea... this is our society, though. WHat creates dystopias like this?