Tuesday, October 27, 2009

20 mph tailwinds

I seem to be fixated on weather today.

The blue arrow in the map below shows part of my evening bike commute route along Middlefield Road from Palo Alto to Mountain View.

Tailwinds today

The arrows at the bottom of this illustration show forecast wind direction and speed today.

It should be a fast ride to the train station tonight.

P.S. to Colorado: Enjoy the snow tomorrow!


  1. How do you get the wind forecast on Google maps?

  2. My commute home takes me from Santa Clara (near lawrence and central) to downtown San Jose - it was a very fast ride home, but it was more work than usual to ride in this morning!

  3. @Mark - indeed a breezy ride this AM! And I was on mountain bike today so I couldn't hunker down as much as I would have liked.

    @Doc - I did that manually with GIMP for this post, but Weather Underground has their own mashup they call the Wunder Map that's pretty cool.

    @Sioux - no snarky comments comparing this against your breezes this time? :-)

  4. Nothing sweeter than 20 mph tailwinds! Nothing worse than 20 mph headwinds. I've experienced them both in the great Midwest!

    As for the latter, a friend and I came up with a cycling prayer a few years back: "Thank you, Lord, for the breeze that cools our faces and builds our thighs and calves!"

  5. Hi, from Colorado! My usual 35 minute commute took me 1:05:35, according to my cyclometer, today. I actually had to seek out auto traffic so I could ride, as the side streets habe 12 to 18 inches of snow on them, and i just can't maintain any headway.

    The ride home promises to be...interesting.

  6. @Roger - I had those headwinds yesterday morning :-) Luckily I could take the train to get past most of it.

    @Jon - That snow looks like fun. Loved your blog post on biking through the snow yesterday!