Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feet dry

During our epic rainstorm here in northern California a couple of weeks ago, I was a little bummed because my usual shoe drying solutions are no longer available. My ski boot & glove dryer I used to keep in the office caught on fire, and the other office standby -- a hot CRT computer monitor -- had been sent to the recycler months ago.

Fortuitously, I got a call from Lindsey in San Francisco that day. She told me about the Stuffitts Shoe Savers. They were created by a triathlete who wanted a way to dry his shoes and found that cedar shavings work really well. I hate putting soggy shoes on at the end of the day and the next morning, so I'm eager to try them out.

The Shoe Savers arrived in the mail today. Unfortunately, I won't be able to put them to the test anytime real soon. Here's the 5 day forecast for Palo Alto, California.

As soon as we get some rain I'll let you know how they work out. They're pretty cute, though -- blue feet shaped inserts stuffed with cedar shavings that make my shoes smell really nice like Christmas trees!


  1. Very cool. I have been looking for a solution since the rainy season started here in Seattle. I will buy a pair and test them. If they work, I will get a second pair so I can keep one at work and another at home.


  2. Here's another low-tech solution, Fritz. Just stuff them with newspaper. It wicks water out of the shoes. In an hour or so, remove the wet paper and stuff them again. Your shoes may not be entirely dry by days end, but they won't squish.

  3. Ha! We need to get you up to the Pacific Northwest! Can't replicate the Google weather forecast here but lemme tell ya it's ugly. Cedar shavings are no match for Seattle slog. My lo-tech solution is not to worry about the shoes but the feet. Wrap with plastic bags works as well as anything.