Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walk / Bike to School Day

Remember, tomorrow (Wednesday, October 7) is Walk / Bike to School Day. In Santa Cruz County, we had the Fall Bike to Work / Bike Day on Oct 1.

My son and I will help out at a bike safety rodeo this weekend at an elementary school in San Jose, which currently bans biking to school. After the rodeo students who attended the rodeo will be allowed to bike to school.

Is your school participating in the international effort to promote human powered transportation to school?


  1. What? Biking to school is banned? How is that possible? I'd read some backward states, or cities had done that, but here in CA? That's crazy. Have you, or anyone, tried to fight it? What happens if you ride in? Wouldn't a ban on SUVs in teh school parking lot be better?

  2. Curtis - Yeah, it's crazy. I raised the issue with San Jose bike coordinator John Brazil last Spring, who arranged a meeting with the Union School District to get that policy changed. The bike rodeo this weekend along with bike safety education is a result of that meeting.