Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cycling in the rain

I hear it's raining heavily in some parts of the United States. This full coverage bike rain suit is getting lots of mention, but even with all the ventilation that thing looks like a sauna to me. And it's not available until next Spring.

The best solution, in my opinion? Full coverage fenders and more modest rain wear.

Below are links to some of my previous rain gear articles at Cyclelicious. What do you do when it rains? Do you hang it up and stop riding? Or do you tough it out? What about the huge drenching soaks in the US Midwest this week?


  1. I generally shower at each end of my commute, so the only thing that I worry about in the rain is if it will change the way I want to dress for temp. Both of my commute bikes have full coverage fenders!

    San Jose

  2. Hah! Available right when it dries up around here. :-P

    Ah well, the last few years of commuting in the winter has layered me with quite a few things that I know work.

  3. A dorktacular Rain Cape from CAT Oregon, fenders, and a cap pulled low over my glasses are my secret weapon.

    The hardest part is ignoring how everyone stares at me - especially other cyclists. Sometimes they actually point. I can't be the only person in Seattle with a rain cape, right?

  4. I would never wear that for lots of reasons, but I hope it helps some people get out in the rain.

    Today I rode in the rain and wore a regular trench raincoat and knee-high boots (high-heeled leather lace-up ones, not galoshes). The bottom of my skirt and top of my tights were ridiculously wet but dried quickly, and the rest of me was cozy.

  5. Who would want to wear something so baggy on a bike?

  6. I always palp fenders on my commuters in the rain. I agree that suit would make you just as wet as riding without it. I have a Shower Pass jacket and sometimes curate rain pants to contrast. If it's not too cold I just need shorts and knee warmers.

  7. @Mark - welcome to the Bay Area! You won't need fenders around here for about another month or two yet :-)

    @Gnat - I thought the same thing.

    @Doug - Right on. People really point and stare?

    @Dottie - Skirt and tights in the rain? You rule.

    @Missjulied - gotta love the flap-flap-flap of plastic in the wind.

  8. @Isolation: Indeed. There's nothing wrong with just getting wet.

  9. Well, once they did. It didn't seem like they were mocking me. Mostly I just see people's heads pivot as I ride by.

  10. ...who needs rain gear w/ my sunny disposition... get out a' my way, dammit...

    ...ok, ok, sheesh...if i'm going somewhere with or for a purpose, i'll dress for it but if i just wanna ride & it's not cold, agreed, it's kinda fun to get wet...

    ...w/ a hot shower & hot soup waiting for you, hey, no worries...

  11. This is absolutely ridiculous.
    I guess that this suit will cost more than the best fenders, but it will also cost you your dignity and reputation :)