Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weekend review

Holy bike utility belt, Batman!

Quiz: Why put these shifters on the head tube like this? Why not on the downtube? (Hint: I shot this in Taiwan).

Shifters on the head tube

Nice bike shoes.

An interview with Kara, carver of Brooks leather saddles.

Bicycle Law: Leading the Way.

Cafiend rides a recumbent.

Goofy - Honda's answer to the Segway.

Girls on bicycles and a cute penny farthing.

Chris writes about European vs American attitudes on social media in the bike business.


  1. No hint's a Bianchi mini-velo, and most people's arms can't reach all the way down to that tiny downtube.

    What do I win? ;)

  2. We have a winner!

    Vanna, what do we have for Ghost Rider today?