Wednesday, January 2, 2008

$100 per barrel

NYMEX benchmark light sweet crude for January delivery broke through $100 per barrel for the first time ever today.

That is all.


  1. So. PRedictions?

    Will bicycle companies vie for the practical market in practical ways?

    Will the Media Forces continue to preach "keep buying stuff!" as the nonsolution to the problems we of course don't really have?

    Will great chunks of the WWW get hacked?

    Will it snow on February 5?

  2. Fritz,
    glad I wasn't the only one paying close attention to oil prices today. They closed at 99.64/barrel. Not sure what afterhours trading will bring.


  3. Great, but I am ready for the price per barrel to get over 100 and stay there. Maybe that arbitrary benchmark number will get the car buying public's attention. We really need more consumer demand for smaller, efficient automobiles. At some point, people have to stop complaining about prices while they are gassing up the old SUV and actually buy vehicles that use less fuel. It would be great if more people turned to cycling, and bike companies should and will try to tap into that market. Even if most people continue to drive though, a shift to smaller cars would make the roads safer for all of us.