Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday bicycle news

It's still raining in California and I'm still riding. Here's the news for today.

Brad Pitt on a Bianchi.

200 new electronic bike lockers at some BART stations in the East Bay.

Amgen Tour of California organizers in Palo Alto are short on cash.

Tour Down Under: Team Rabobank's Michael Hayman seriously injured in head butt. Read here and here.

Anonymous cyclist "John Doe" sues USADA. Sample 'A' came back negative, so USADA wants to test 'B' sample, which is against the doping agencie's own rules and testing protocol.

Bike thefts are down 50% in China as a result of a bike theft crackdown by the Ministry of Public Safety and other government agencies. More than 3,700 thefts were reported daily across China last year. No word on how China deals with bike thieves.

James has some good links at Bicycle Design, including a story about an amazing all wood bicycle -- the complete drive train is even made completely of wood and glue. I'm talking the chain, freewheel ratchet and cog. A 16 year old built that bike by hand as a school project.

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  1. Thanks for linking back to the Flickr photoset. I want people to enjoy them, but it's nice to get a little credit. As BikeHugger put it, I 'surfaced' them. Lots of people seem to be enjoying them, which is great. You are a classy guy.