Monday, January 21, 2008

Kate Hudson rides a bicycle

Actress Kate Hudson was seen Sunday riding her Trek mountain bike in Santa Monica, California.
Kate Hudson on a bicycle Gossip Girls reports Kate Hudson was wearing "black spandex shorts and a cute tank top," but she had a bag hanging uncomfortably in front of her chest with the strap wrapped behind her neck. Kate rides what appears to be the 2006 Trek 6700.

See more and larger photos of Kate Hudson on a bicycle over at Gossip Girls.

When the celebrities begin showing on bikes at awards shows, that will be some real news!


  1. ...i was gonna e-mail this to ya on the side, but what the hell...
    ...after checking out the photos of the lovely kate hudson on her bike, it came to my attention that the toe-clips on her trek, were designed by yours truly years ago...

    ...i was working in the industry at the time & the project was through huang kuang (i think they've since been absorbed)in taiwan...while the biz was switching to clipless at the time, my design, asymmetrical w/ a specific left & right is still around & being used on a lotta low end bikes...
    ...g-fish will confirm that as one of the longest running designs to come through his company...thus the trek connection...

  2. =v= Robin Williams has been known to show up at the occasional event on a bike.

  3. Interesting story bikesgonewild. I must point out though that it takes a true bike geek to somehow zone in on the toeclips in the above photos. I barely even noticed the bike.

  4. ...i'll defend myself, only by saying that the woman is lovely from head to toe...hah!...